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Full NamePhoto Gallery titleSubspecialtiesCategoryGallery Link
Walid SoussanConjunctival-Sparing Posterior Ptosis SurgeryOculoplasticExternal PhotographyView Gallery
Elisa Carreras BertranUndesirable rootsRetinaFluorescein AngiographyView Gallery
Taha Muneer AhmedChoroidal neurofibromas in Neurofibromatosis 1Cornea and RefractiveFundus PhotographyView Gallery
Sumayya Juma Al MarzouqiLovely optic discs displaying heart shaped symbolsNeuro-ophthalmologyFundus PhotographyView Gallery
Mohamed Ahmed TawfikRetinal Rotation after RD SurgeryRetinaFundus PhotographyView Gallery
Nadire Erdogan DibBilateral sector retinitis pigmentosaRetinaFundus PhotographyView Gallery
Mohamed Ahmed TawfikUpper bullous retinal detachmentRetinaFundus PhotographyView Gallery
Nagoor Hanifa Dr Aruna SrinivasuluSUB RETINAL NEMATODERetinaFundus PhotographyView Gallery
Mohammad Fareed KhanGolden shower crystals (synchysis scintillans)RetinaFundus PhotographyView Gallery
Mohamed Ahmed TawfikOptic disc capillary hemangiomaRetinaFundus PhotographyView Gallery
Mashair Salman Ismail BakheetOCT assessment of papilloedemaNeuro-ophthalmologyOptical Coherence TomographyView Gallery
Mamoun Hani ZebbacheUnilateral solar maculopathyRetinaOptical Coherence TomographyView Gallery
Mohamed Ahmed ElshafieSub macular perfluorocarbon liquid (fundus & OCT image)RetinaOptical Coherence TomographyView Gallery
Mohamed Ahmed TawfikEn-Face OCT for ERMRetinaOptical Coherence TomographyView Gallery
Shah Md Rajibul IslamDevastating to normalOculoplasticOthersView Gallery
Mohamed Ahmed TawfikOptic capture of 3 piece IOLCataractSlit-lamp PhotographyView Gallery
Mohamed Ahmed TawfikExtruded flanged hapticCataractSlit-lamp PhotographyView Gallery
Mohamed Ahmed TawfikLamellar cataractCataractSlit-lamp PhotographyView Gallery
Saad AlharbiTypes of lens subluxation and dislocationCataractSlit-lamp PhotographyView Gallery
Aarti HedaWhite clouds in the eyeCataractSlit-lamp PhotographyView Gallery
Mohamed Ahmed TawfikDislocated Vericyse Aphakic IOLCataractSlit-lamp PhotographyView Gallery
Mohamed Ahmed TawfikSublaxated LensCataractSlit-lamp PhotographyView Gallery
Iman Mohammed Abdulla Al HammadiHair Curling Iron Causing a Thermal Corneal BurnCornea and RefractiveSlit-lamp PhotographyView Gallery
Amanda Mohanan EarattBerry of her eye!Cornea and RefractiveSlit-lamp PhotographyView Gallery
Aarti HedaBe the cherry on top of your dayCornea and RefractiveSlit-lamp PhotographyView Gallery
Supriya Sidram patilLychee bursting out through veinsCornea and RefractiveSlit-lamp PhotographyView Gallery
Mohamed Ahmed TawfikSilicon bubble in ACRetinaSlit-lamp PhotographyView Gallery
Mohamed Ahmed TawfikEmulsified Silicon in ACRetinaSlit-lamp PhotographyView Gallery
Marwa FaroukIntense vitritisUveitisSlit-lamp PhotographyView Gallery
Mohamed Ahmed TawfikBimanual dissection of FVMRetinaSurgical PhotographyView Gallery
Supriya Sidram PatilThis not Mars but EyeCornea and RefractiveThe Eye as ArtView Gallery
Mónica Jazmín Almanza MonterrubioOil on CanvasOculoplasticThe Eye as ArtView Gallery